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Network Sustainable Educational Buildings

The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) has initiated the establishment of the first network of sustainable educational buildings as part of a Zukunft Bau research project.

Exchange of technical expertise

The network serves the exchange of information and experience on the sustainable construction of educational buildings. The topics of the network's work address current issues and discussions in daily practice. The technical basis is the federal Assessment System for Sustainable Building (BNB). After a two-year start-up phase, the network is set to become an independent business in the middle of 2025.

Co-design of the network

The Network for Sustainable Educational Buildings is open to all interested parties and is aimed at those responsible in building administrations, school and university administrations, research and teaching as well as planners and sustainability coordinators. Interested parties can register for participation at the network's office. The office is located at the Öko-Zentrum NRW.

Registration for participation in the network: Registration form


Three workgroups, each with a different focus, were formed to work on the topics and problems of the network:

  • WG 1: Argumentation tools and examples of implementation
  • WG 2: Learning concepts and user participation
  • WG 3: Structural engineering concepts

The workgroups are loosely organised and are managed by the administrative office. Professional and organisational participation - including from new members - is explicitly desired in all three groups. Information on the workgroup meetings, which take place at shorter intervals between the network meetings, can be obtained directly from the adminsitrative office.

Advisory board

The advisory board is made up of representatives from the member groups of local authorities, federal states, the federal government (building contractor level), research and sustainable building experts. It accompanies the development of the network in a predominantly advisory capacity. The advisory board ensures the implementation of the network's goals and agenda, a balanced dialogue and practical information.

The following persons (listed here in alphabetical order) were appointed to the advisory board by the research provider on an honorary basis:

  • Andreas Rietz:
    Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), Division WB 5 Sustainable Building, Head of Division
  • Christoph Knickel:
    Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen (LBIH), Property Management Energy and Sustainability
  • Dr Ecevit Agu:
    City of Essen, Head of Real Estate Management Department
  • Dr Günter Löhnert:
    sol-id-ar planungswerkstatt berlin, Managing Director
  • Jens Wadle:
    HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH, Berlin school building campaign, authorised signatory
  • Johannes Kreißig:
    Managing Director DGNB e.V., Managing Director DGNB GmbH
  • Mathias Oliva y Hausmann:
    Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Officer - Division BW I 5 - Civil Engineering, Sustainable Building, Building Research
  • Sebastian van Oppen:
    Berlin Chamber of Architects, Planning and Building Department
  • Vera Lisa Schneider:
    Ministry for Schools and Education North Rhine-Westphalia, Head of Department 123, Building and Property Affairs, Internal Services
  • Wiebke Küpper:
    Karlsruhe Regional Finance Directorate, Building Director, Federal Construction Baden-Württemberg - Operations Management

Administrative Office

Netzwerk Nachhaltiige Unterrichtsgebäude
c/o Öko-Zentrum NRW GmbH
Sachsenweg 8, 59073 Hamm
email: info(at)

Client BBSR Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Regional Planning,
Straße des 17. Juni 112, 10623 Berlin