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Registration for the network

If you are interested in the network and would like to exchange ideas with its members, you can register here.


The advantage of registering is that you will be informed about all network events. You will be informed about all planned network and workgroup meetings and you can register for these. You will also have access to an internal member area. There you will find the contact details of all registered network members, documents on events already organised and a collection of brochures, guidelines and other work aids.


If you are interested in participating in the working groups, you can indicate this here:

(At least 8 characters: number, letter (upper/lower case), special character )
Participation in the network

I would like to participate in the following working groups (multiple selection possible). By making your choice, you are under no obligation.

Main areas of work

Please briefly state your specialist areas/main areas of work (max. 250 characters).

Voluntary information

The following data is not mandatory for registration in the network. The information you provide here will automatically be made accessible in the internal area. You can subsequently add to, edit or delete your details.

Professional background

Please select the options that most apply to you (multiple selection possible).

Assignment company/institution

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Privacy policy / data processing


Within the framework of the network "Sustainable classroom buildings" the following contact data shall be exchanged:

  • Name, place (federal state and city), e-mail address as well as (if indicated) company/institution, professional background, focus of work and wish to participate in the network of the network participants.

This can be done via lists in paper form, lists in electronic form or also via e-mail distribution lists. All network participants are thus informed about the use of their contact data.

All network participants may only use this data in the context of this activity and undertake to protect it from unauthorised access by third parties. Only the participants should have access to this data. The office of the Network for Sustainable Classroom Buildings c/o Öko-Zentrum NRW acts as the responsible body for the collection and distribution of the data and will make this information available in the context of requests for information. Consent can be withdrawn in writing at any time, but only for the future. The distributed addresses cannot be withdrawn, they will only not be redistributed.

Participants have the following rights: Objection, information, deletion, restriction, revocation, right of complaint.



Consent to data protection and data processing