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The active participation of the participants takes place within the framework of workgroup meetings, which offer space for questions, discussions and expert presentations. As a result of these meetings, information sheets are to be produced that contain approaches to solutions, technical expertise or working aids. The network work should bundle knowledge from experience and make it available to the network actors in a prepared form.

Currently there are workgroups with the following focal points:



The workgroups are loosely organised and are led by the administration office. Professional and organisational participation - also from new members - is explicitly desired in all three groups. Information on the workgroup meetings, which take place at shorter intervals between the network meetings, can be obtained directly from the administration office.

The next dates of the workgroup meetings will be published here:
News > Network Events

The download area for presentations and information can be found in the internal area.

To register for participation in the Network Sustainable Educational Buildings and the workgroups, please go to Registration. If you are already registered, you can register for the workgroup meeting here.